I'm Alisen Boada, an editor, writer, and consultant.

Let me help you clarify and deliver your ideas with style.

About me

As an editor and writer with over seven years of experience in journalism, political research, and program evaluation, think of me as a Swiss Army knife for any of your communication needs.

My work experience has proven my ability to successfully adapt my skills across disciplines and industries. After majoring in political science at the University of California, Merced, I worked as a journalist covering California state politics in Sacramento. I then moved to the Bay Area, joining a team of researchers studying the influence of campaign finance on the American electoral system. Most recently, I was an in-house editor and researcher for a firm providing program evaluation services to clients in the energy industry throughout the United States.

No matter the field I work in, I love to synthesize information, break it down to its essential components, and share that knowledge in the most accessible way possible.



Working with a professional editor is a great way to allow yourself to focus on your core expertise. I work with clients at any stage of the writing process: from initial drafts to final publishing.


I offer a range of writing services, which can be either attributed or ghostwritten. I conduct thorough research and work with subject matter experts to communicate a clear and concise message.


While the bulk of my research experience is in political science, I have written and edited documents across several disciplines. I offer consultation services for both research and writing needs including spreadsheet/database assistance, data visualization, and structural feedback.

Working With Me

For a free initial chat to assess your needs and our compatibility, please contact me at: